O Levels Physics Examination Format (GCE 5059)

Note: The combined science (Phy/Chem), GCE 5105 (NA) and GCE 5076 (O levels) have a similar exam format but with reduced topics and content. Separate classes are opened for students who are taking the subject code 5105 and 5076. We also offer lower secondary science, and lesson timings are found at the end of the page.


  • Four options given
  • Mostly recollection of knowledge and direct answers
  • Simple handling of information and problem solving

Exam Tips

  • Familiarity with past year questions
  • Smart elimination when uncertain


Section A

  • Compulsory structured questions
  • Moderate memorising of scientific laws, definitions, concepts and theories required
  • Ability to link concepts to questions
  • Numerous calculations required
  • Correct use of units
  • Accurate drawings or sketches of graphs required
  • Moderate ability to process information and give conclusions

Exam Tips

  • Understand terms used in papers
  • Scientific laws and definitions provided by Basecamp
  • Formulas and units provided by Basecamp
  • Practice commonly tested questions with data processing
  • Use good intervals and label axis for graphs

Section B

  • 3 long structured questions, first 2 compulsory and the final presented in an either/or form.
  • One of the compulsory question will be data-based question requiring candidates to interpret, evaluate or solve problems using a stem of information
  • Strong memorising and understanding of certain topics required

Exam Tips

  • Detailed guidance on how to interpret, evaluate or solve problems with given data
  • Identify the topic/concept of the question
  • Strategic memorising of certain popular topics for either/or question
  • Presentation skills to include key words to maximize scoring


School-based Practical Assessment (SPA)

  • A total of 5 graded assessment carried out in school with 3 skill sets tested
  • Skill set 1 – Performing and Observing (2 times)
  • Skill set 2 – Analysing (2 times)
  • Skill set 3 – Planning (1 time)
  • Variation of lab experiments
  • Strong recollection of knowledge required

Exam Tips

  • Ability to link concepts to experiment
  • Memorise and explain common experimental and human errors
  • Read and follow instructions carefully, without assumptions
  • Understanding accuracy of apparatus and their uses