Basecamp O Levels English Syllabus (GCE 1128 & 1190)

Paper 1 (Writing)


  • Key Understanding Points
    • Identification of general tense of the passage
    • Understanding grammatical rules and possible variations
    • Different tips on spotting errors and testing of potential answers
  • Key Exam Focus
    • Using the rules to your advantage and how to achieve the full 10 marks in any given editing exercise


  • Key Understanding Points
    • Familiarizing the formats of different situations
      • Newspaper Article
      • Report
      • Procedural Writing
      • Email
      • Speech
      • Proposal
      • Formal letter (Proposals, reports, etc)
      • Informal letter
    • Analyzing the situation
      • Identification of the purpose, target audience, tasks, and format required
      • Using the 5Ws 1H model
    • Writing
      • Using embellishing techniques to go beyond what is required of the situational tasks
  • Key Exam Focus
    • Writing an appropriate piece for communicating to the relevant audience group what is required and what is beyond in order to show depth in understanding and thoughtfulness


  • Key Understanding Points
    • Different writing styles for narrative pieces (Story Arc)
      • Personal Recounts
      • Creative Writing
    • Different writing styles for expository pieces (TEES & PEEL)
      • Definition essays
      • Comparison and Contrast
      • Cause and Effect
      • Argumentative
      • Discursive
  • Key Exam Focus
    • Translating thoughts to paper using various techniques that will be explored and taught during lessons
    • How to provide insight for readers in order to “stand out” from the rest of the cohort


Paper 2 (Comprehension)


  • Key Understanding Points
    • Context of the visual
    • Distinction between purpose and message of the visual
    • What is the purpose of the visual
    • 5Ws 1H
  • Answering the questions accurately
    • How to identify key words of the questions
    • How to provide answers based on the needs of the questions
  • Key Exam Focus
    • To be a media literate, and how to discern through the nuances of the visual via the questions provided in the paper


  • Key Understanding Points
    • Reading techniques
      • Deep reading
      • Spot reading
      • Active reading
    • Answering techniques
      • Identification of key words from the questions
      • Extracting ALL answers from the passage and then applying the answers based on what the question requires
    • Summary
      • Identify key themes of the question
      • Identify at least 10 points for the summary
      • Paraphrase 8 of the 10 points identified into a cogent paragraph answering towards the summary question
      • Editing towards an efficient economy of 80 words
  • Key Exam Focus
    • Answering the questions accurately
    • Identifying answers from the passage accurately
    • Understanding the different types of comprehension questions and their respective requirement


Paper 4 (Oral Examination)

  • Reading Aloud
    • Rubric on how to ace this section with ease and confidence
    • Pace, rhythm, stresses, etc
  • Spoken Interaction
    • 3-Circles Model to structure personal sharing
    • How to identify themes to focus sharing on with relation to the picture