Hi Secondary 4s! (Or really curious, or advanced Secondary 3s)


I'm sure by now many of you should have started on Differentiation, or wrapping up the end of Further Trigonometry. I will be sharing some Differentiation and Integration worksheets very soon. But for now, I have attached some revision worksheets that we do in our centre to make sure Secondary 4 students don't forget everything that was learned in Secondary 3. It may seem like O levels is still a year away, but balancing your other subjects and catching up on your weak A Math topics will require very consistent effort from now on. So go ahead and start practicing now! The worksheets are free for you to download. If you want the solutions, just key in your email and they will be sent straightaway to your inbox :)

Secondary 3 Revision Worksheet 1.pdf

To download Secondary 3 Revision Worksheet 1 Solutions, click here. (desktop only)
To download Secondary 3 Revision Worksheet 2 Solutions, click here. (desktop only)

Keep checking back for the next round!