Ms Jiaqi Zhang

Ms Zhang teaches Maths for Secondary School and Science for Secondary School at Basecamp.

A tutor who focuses on a solid grounding of concepts, Jiaqi incorporates conceptual learning into interesting examples of application in her math and science lessons. She believes that different students learn differently, and is ready to adapt to suit each student's learning method. 

As a former teaching Intern under MOE, Jiaqi taught math and science at a government secondary school. She also has more than three years of teaching experience, both in tuition centres and private tuition. 

Jiaqi is currently a holder of the Nanyang Scholarship under NTU and was previously from Dunman High.

Helping learners improve and get good grades

How does your education align with your teaching today?

Having graduated from the Integrated Programme in a top government school, I am very familiar with the current secondary school syllabus, and am capable of delivering clear and succinct lessons highly aligned to the curriculum. With my solid knowledge of Mathematics and Science, I am able to stimulate students and help them come up with different solutions and perspectives for problems.

What are the exam skills that you will focus on?

The key focus of my lessons will be on answering techniques which include breaking down the question accurately, phrasing the answer effectively, as well as pinpointing the keywords precisely. Many students face the problem of penning down a proper answer even though they know the content being tested. Hence, answering techniques are crucial in order to score, and will be the main focus of my in-class practices.

More than just grades

What is your subject useful for in the future economy?

In Singapore's knowledge-based economy, Mathematics and Science are extremely important for the future, based on current trends of economic development. These two subjects can be applied in major sectors of Singapore's economy, such as Research & Development, and banking and finance. 

How will I help students be ready for the future in my teaching?

A solid foundation of Mathematics and Science is crucial for the future of all students, no matter what field they choose to go into. Not only will the content knowledge be important, the skills I will impart to my students will also be helpful, such as the logical analysis skills gained in the solving of Math problems. Additionally, I will also be giving students many useful studying tips which would be very useful for their further education.