Mr Julian Lee

Mr Lee teaches Maths and Physics for Secondary School at Basecamp.

Julian’s primary goal has always been to elicit the latent potential in every student as he believes that everyone can excel when given the right guidance. He specializes in teaching Science and Mathematics for primary and secondary level.

He reckons that all students should be engaged and not just simply listening without understanding. With that in mind, he reminds himself to always talk WITH the students and not just to talk TO the students, encouraging them to voice out any difficulties that they encounter. His strong relevance and connectedness with students make him very different from others. 

Standing by the motto “Unafraid, What’s Ahead”, Julian recommends all students to put aside their fears and come forward to learn together.

Julian graduated from Nanyang Technological University with Bachelor's Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering. He is also an accredited engineer in the professional industry and has more than 10 years of private and class tutoring experience.