Mdm Tao Ye

Mdm Tao Ye teaches Chinese for Primary School at Basecamp.

What are the exam skills that you will focus on?

  • Students tend to be weak in compo(paragraph) writing and comprehension, so I definitely would want to look into these two areas for my students.
  • For Oral Exam, I would want to look whether my students are also weak in oral. Depending on the student's level, his/her school might already be starting on 2017 PSLE new oral format or still using old exam format for lower/mid primary.
  • Before I start to plan my lessons for my students, I would want to understand their weak areas first and to recognize their sources of weakness in the language:
    • his/her foundation is weak (recognizing Chinese characters, making sentences), or,
    • he cannnot express her ideas in Chinese (lack of vocabulary).

What is your subject useful for in the future economy?

  • As a language spoken by the Chinese in the world’s biggest and most dynamic market, Chinese will be an essential tool of communication with others, for both business and social settings.
  • While English is still the dominant international language across the world, in a globalised world, people from non-English speaking countries are now learning both English and Chinese, with most successful citizen in the global economy fluent in at least two languages.
  • When it comes to job competition in the global market, language skills, especially Chinese, will be crucial to success.

How will I help students be ready for the future in my teaching?

  • It is important to let my students understand that what one learns in school actually relates immediately and directly to real life.
  • Personally, I feel learning Chinese is for better communication with others, but at the same time we should deal with the fact that in school exams are still the main method to assess and stream students.
  • Some students can get good marks for exam but might still not be able to use CL effectively as a communication language, which means, what he learns is "dead", he cannot apply it in real life.
  • So comes to answering helping students be ready for the future, I would want to look into closing this gap, so that students learn not only to excel and score straight As in their exams but also to really apply it in life.