Mdm Cheok

Mdm Cheok teaches English for Secondary School at Basecamp.

Madam Cheok Soh Cheng has been teaching English in Primary and Secondary Schools and to adults for more than 40 years. She has taught English both as a first language & as a foreign language. 

Her passion is to help her learners build a repertoire of critical and useful vocabulary words. The new words are exposed to the learners three or four times to help them understand their comprehension passages and eventually minimise their struggle to paraphrase in the summary section. The ability to summarise effectively is a lifelong skill which needs to be mastered. 

She believes that the ability to edit one's own composition and/or a peer's composition is absolutely necessary. Hence it is not the quantity of essays written that is important. However it is the quality of essays produced by each learner and the much-needed individual consultation that is absolutely necessary to build confidence in writing. Ideally, an essay should have at least three drafts. 

To ensure that effective learning has taken place and to get her learners excited and motivated in class, Madam Cheok usually engages them in language games and fun-filled activities which involve repeated learning of vocabulary words, spelling, grammar and sentence structures. 

She is currently teaching in a Secondary Girls' School handling a Special Program dealing with the top 10 % and bottom 20 % of the Sec 3 and 4 scholars and local girls. She has passionately labelled her program as damage control and repair work. 

She taught in a Secondary School for 35 years and a Primary School for 5 years. She also has extensive experience coaching locals & foreigners under Workforce Development Authority’s (WDA) programs.