Mathematics Tuition

Are you looking for the best math tuition centre for students of secondary school?

Our maths tuition classes are taught by Mr Julian Lee and Ms Jiaqi Zhang.

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Solving for x and figuring out "why".

Apart from helping students gain mastery in Mathematics, it is also important to us to that students go above seeing Mathematics as a purely academic endeavour. We also want to be able to help students find a greater interest in Mathematics: why it can be fascinating, how it can help them in their lives as well as how they can appreciate its applicability to the world around us. 

"I'm not a Math person!", "I'm just not good at this" - We have heard these common expressions from students who encounter roadblocks in solving mathematical problems, and resign and throw up their hands in exasperation.

Research, unfortunately, has strongly suggested that mathematical ability is not so much determined by someone's 'genetic makeup' as it is by hard work and consistent practice. At Basecamp Learning Centre, we are invested in your learning journey and we will make the process of understanding and mastering Mathematics more intuitive and rewarding for you. So, why choose us?

Our Math Methodology


Every student has their own binder of the year's worksheets that is kept with the centre. During regular school terms, lessons are conducted consultation style and students work on topical worksheets provided to them in accordance with each of their ongoing syllabus in school.

During school breaks, we target certain challenging topics that students typically more difficulty with, or students also have the flexibility to focus on topics they would like more practice in.

We strongly encourage students and parents to forward us their school’s scheme of work during the year to enable us to cater our coaching as personally to the student as possible.


Practice questions in our worksheets are ranked by difficulty according to basic, intermediate and challenging. Every worksheet comprises multiple sets of questions in combinations of varying difficulties to help students gain track their level of understanding, gain rigorous practice and slowly achieve mastery with every topic.


Basecamp prepares mock test papers that are periodically given out to students. These papers will be graded and will help them assess their standard and competence in the various topics. 

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