P6 Science

Basecamp is launching a Two-Day Intensive June Holiday Booster Programme exclusively for our P6 Science students. 

Details as follows:

15 June 2017 (Thurs), 2-6pm

Topical Drilling

The topical drilling session will be an intensive revision session for students to recap their P3 to P6 Science topics through mindmaps, practice questions, and individual consultation. 

Common misunderstanding of Science concepts will also be highlighted to help students grasp the Science concepts better and consequently, gain confidence in their answering techniques. This will be quickly followed up with the next day's programme. Students will also be taught how to apply familiar concepts in questions to better equip them for PSLE. 

16 June 2017 (Friday), 2-6pm

Answering Techniques
Students often struggle with Section B of their exam booklets. Although they may know their Science concepts very well, most students seem to fumble here due to their answering techniques. 

This session is focused on teaching students the proper answering techniques as required in the marking rubric of PSLE to the various categories of questions in the Section B segment. Equipped with answering techniques, our students will definitely be able to perform better!

We will not take students once the class reaches 8 slots.

For enquiries, contact Basecamp at 87424288, or simply notify the teacher-in-charge, Ms June.

Fee $280

P6 English Writing

Basecamp is launching a Two-Day Writing June Holiday Booster Programme exclusively for our Upper Primary Basecamp students. 

Details as follows:

22 June 2017 (Thurs), 2-6pm

Drama as a Launchpad for Writing

We will be using "Hot Seating" strategy specifically to pique your child's imagination. It is a drama activity where someone pretends to be a character and is questioned by others about his/her background, behaviour and motivation. In short, putting themselves in the shoes of the character. 

Coupling Characterization with Questioning technique, this will enhance the perspective of your child's thinking process and henceforth write with more creativity and out of the box twists.  

We will be writing a class-directed continuous story on Day 1. 

23 June 2017 (Fri), 2pm-6pm

Comprehension using Real World Context

We use interesting current news materials to invigorate discussion in this comprehension class. 

This is to train your child to fully comprehend the given passage, and at the same time be exposed to activities and happenings around the world. Basecamp believes that our curriculum needs to future-proof our students, so that they will be given the relevant tools to succeed in the future economy.

We will be working on P6 comprehension passages together in class, and individual consultation will follow to concretize students' learning at the entire programme.

Sign up now for there are only 8 slots available! For enquiries, contact Basecamp at 87424288, or simply signal your interest to the teacher-in-charge, Ms Joy.

Fee $280.