Intensive English O Levels preparation for students serious about getting their A1.

Many secondary school students do not have the time or do not know how to “study” or prepare for their English Language. It is not uncommon for students to devote at least 1 or 2 hours to their Mathematics or Science questions, but students somehow will not put aside just 1 hour to read some interesting articles, write a decent essay or complete some English exercises.

In view of the above, Basecamp has decided to embark on a special holiday program during the March, June and September holidays. 

Tutor Bio

The tutor has been teaching English in Primary and Secondary Schools for more than 40 years. She is currently teaching in a Secondary Girls' School handling a Special Program dealing with the top 10 % and bottom 20 % of the Sec 3 and 4 scholars and local girls. She has passionately labelled her program as damage control and repair work.



The first workshop is an intensive three-day two-hour workshop which is designed to build a repertoire of strong vocabulary words and expressions and sentence structure. At each workshop, students will be given a set of skills and strategies to help them improve their grades or score a distinction or near distinction – depending on the student’s motivational level and basic English proficiency level. It is hoped that the students will gain much confidence and hence be prepared to “spur on” to greater heights. The independent students must be prepared to work hard during the holidays and the next few months that follow as the second workshop is in June.

It is hoped that at the end of the first workshop , students can be motivated and disciplined in every way. They will eventually be critical thinkers and will be able to taste small successes which are critical to their self-esteem and their desire and the ability to score a better grade at the end of the second or third workshop.

March Workshop Dates

Thursday 16th March: 10.30-12.30
Friday 17th March: same time slot
Saturday 18th March: same time slot

Workshop will be held at our centre at Katong Shopping centre



Materials Fee of $51.50 for two workbooks: Comprehension Illuminated Volume 1 and How to Score A1 for O Level English

$20 discount for Basecamp students

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One slot left. Call us at 8742 4288 to sign up, or email us at admin@basecamp.sg.


Key Outcomes

  • Build strong vocabulary
  • Score a distinction or near distinction
  • Promote independent learning

What's covered

  • Vocabulary
  • Skills & Strategies
  • Oral


The second workshop will consist of eight 2-hr lessons. Students who attend the first two workshops in March and June will be given priority in September.



The critical third workshop, which is the final preparation for the actual O level paper, will be held in September.

Students who attend the first two workshops in March and June will be given priority for this workshop.