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We provide high quality English tuition for students from secondary school at competitive rates.

Our English tuition classes are taught by Mr Desmond Hoo and Madam Cheok Soh Cheng, experienced educators with decades of combined teaching experience.

Our English program is highly rated. Read more about what students and parents have to say about us!

Top English Tutor Desmond Hoo

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The Basecamp Difference

English language is one of the few subjects where skills and frameworks are fixed, but content is not. At Basecamp Learning Centre, examination techniques are taught in a personable manner, where students will feel completely at ease to clarify their doubts. We also enable students to experience various emotions and worldviews through many interesting experiential exercises and games. These will then lead to debriefing them on the application of these insights onto their papers and applying the necessary examination techniques required.

Conventional wisdom suggests that these expressions of emotions and worldviews can be taught, or even memorized. We beg to differ. We believe, in fact very strongly, that students learn best through experiences. During the 2-hour sessions, students will gain these multi-layered insights in a controlled but highly authentic environment, through which students can then translate insights into their writing and personal life. Students will go through a rigorous two-pronged learning approach that will nurture them in both their language skills and character development.

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