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Economics Model Essays

    • Basecamp is located at Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road, #05-01
    • Classes taught by experienced, passionate, and caring tutor Mrs Rohayati Rahim
    • Classes are once a week, two hours each
    • To ensure that lessons remain conducive, we will cap the class size at 8 students
    • Classes are open for all levels for H1 and H2 students. Basecamp students may consult for H3 Econs at no additional charge. Kindly call to enquire for timings

    Have more questions? Please contact us at 6814 3787 or email us at

    Tutor Bio

    Rohayati Rahim has been teaching Economics in Junior College for more than 30 years. She has taught both H1 and H2 Economics and have seen through many syllabus changes, the latest being the 2017 syllabus change. Her passion is not only in teaching and helping students understand Economic concepts but also in the subject, Economics itself.

    Economics as a social science provide ample opportunities to learning human behaviour and how different economic agents make decisions. Its practicality and application to real world situations make it an exciting subject to teach and learn. She believes that it is through thinking and analysing current issues and problems that happen in the world today that students can have better understanding of Economics. Being able to express ideas analytically, evaluate policy decisions and suggest practical solutions is key to doing well in the subject.

    A senior teacher in a junior college, Rohayati graduated from NUS with an honours degree and later on obtained Masters Degree in Applied Economics

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    The Basecamp Difference

    The secret to the success of our students at Basecamp Learning Centre is simple:

    • interest
    • familiarity
    • exam proficiency


    By showing students how Economics is relevant, they begin to enjoy studying Economics, which is the first step towards scoring that A in the exams. We do this by:

    • discussing current news and articles related to students' topics of study (for example, click here)
    • studying selected Singapore industries 


    The nature of the A levels is that apart from familiarity with the concepts taught, there's also an emphasis on relating the syllabus to real life. We do this by 

    • giving individual attention to every student
    • explaining concepts in different ways, using real world examples
    • pacing the class well instead of rushing through concepts


    Once a topic is covered, we will guide students through a structured set of exam essays and case studies. The focus will be on:

    • identifying command words in essays and case studies
    • structuring essays the right way for balance and coherence
    • explanation and definition of key terms and concepts
    • economic intuition

    This is excellent preparation for the A Levels, and gives our students a big advantage over other candidates.


    Student went from failing to getting A for Economics (click to enlarge)

    Student scored A for Economics (click to enlarge)

    Mr Wong taught me economics and my grade for the subject improved from a U at the beginning of j1 to a B in the A levels. He made the lessons interesting and relevant by having discussions on current economics affairs. This helped me to understand and relate to the contents in the syllabus much better. We also practiced many past years examinations papers from various schools to prepare me for any upcoming examinations. Mr Wong has helped to spur my interest for this subject which I used to dislike due to the poor grades I received in the past. I will definitely recommend him as a tutor due to his dedication and commitment during lessons.

    -Phoebe (Currently studying at SMU)

    Taking the A Levels exam in year 2017? Read about the new Economics syllabus here.

    Economics Model Essays

    A Levels Economics Syllabus: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics