horrible adult

Horrible adults. We have seen them on the news before. They are people that make your parents go “tsk tsk, scum of society”. However, these people were your age once. Did they know that they are going to end up as the scum of society one day? Do you know whether you will end up as the scum of society 20 years down the road? Will you go from this…



To this?


Take this quiz to find out.

Remember, if you are a nose-digger, you will perpetually be a nose digger. The only way to not be a horrible adult 20 years down the road is to not be a horrible teenager now.

Q1. Do you give up your seat to old people/ injured people/ pregnant ladies and kids on the MRT, even if you are not sitting on the reserved seat?

One thing that horrible adults have in common is that they are selfish. They only care about their own interests. If they ever think of you, it is about how you can do something for them. They lack graciousness and consideration for other people. (Ok, maybe I am too harsh but I am trying to drive home a point here. Shhh!)

If you catch yourself sitting on the MRT seats and thinking “I am tired too. Why must I give up my seat when the people at the priority seats are not doing so? And it is not like the old lady/ injured foreign worker/ rowdy kid/ 5 months’ pregnant woman need it more than I do” then watch out, you might be heading down a slippery slope towards becoming a horrible adult.

Q2. Do you find yourself running out of pocket money very quickly?

There is a proverb that says “money is the root of all evil.” I disagree. Money is important. Everyone needs money to survive. Unless you decide to move to Pulau Ubin and subsist on growing tapioca and feeding chickens. But even then, you might have to open a bicycle rental shop to pay for your house rental because the government owns the land (no surprise). Oh, but at least you will get your fair share of free food every day from your kampong neighbours who are all 50 and above. But I digress…


So we have established that money is important. But when people cannot master their love for money, the situation tends to get out of hand. Be it problem gambling, siphoning funds or prostitution, all these things have one thing in common and that is a lack of integrity and self-control. However, even if you hold fast to your principles, poor self-control can still land you in heavy amounts of credit card debt or burdened with commitments that you are liable for the rest of your life. And no, I am not referring to marriage. I am talking about a car or a house that you can ill afford.

So if you catch yourself looking at something in a shop and thinking, “that thing looks nice. I think I want it. I think I need it. Anyway, it is only $5, I can afford it…” watch out, because if you cannot learn to resist temptation now, you definitely won’t be able to resist all that the world has to offer you when you grow up.

Q3. Do you find a lot of excuses for things?

Horrible adults are also people who take the credit where it is not due, and shift the blame when it is their fault. They are people who know how to spell the word “responsibility”, but who do not know how to live it out. 

If you find yourself saying stuff like “it wasn’t me. Maybe someone else did it… “, “yes, I did do that but that is because…”, “he / she started it first. It is not my fault…” then it is time to grow up. Learn to take responsibility for your actions. Experiences, both good and bad, shape you into the kind of adults who can contribute to society. So even if the consequences are painful, embrace them, for you will become a more mature individual after going through it. Shift the blame at all cost and you will only have yourself to blame in the future.


Remember, if you are a nose-digger, you will perpetually be a nose digger. The only way to not be a horrible adult 20 years down the road is to not be a horrible teenager now.