Knowing that art can brighten up your life, why live a monochrome life?

To the untrained eye, the drawing here is just the random doodling of a child. But art is baffling in the sense that when it is imbued with significance, even the most ordinary artwork can become masterpieces. This piece, produced by renowned artist Pablo Picasso, drawn in the style of cubism, costs more than a few hundred thousand dollars today.

Artworks like this make the general public wrongly believe that art belongs to the realm of high societies and auctions; only people with too much money to burn can appreciate the “avant-garde”.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life
— Pablo Picasso

Yet trust me, there are many reasons why commoners like us can and should appreciate visual art.

1. Art takes your breath away

Art is produced by the outpouring of the soul, produced from immortalising a breath-taking moment, and produced for the sharing of minds. It is beauty frozen in time. There are many types of artworks out there, produced by both famed and obscure artists for different kinds of audience, so there is bound to be a style of artwork that can take your breath away.

2. Art calms you down

A study from the University of Westminster found that a half an hour trip to the art museum decreased the level of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, found in participants.

So the next time you are stressing out over school, CCA or family problems, don’t start binge eating to make yourself feel better. Instead, go to Google and view some pretty artworks. Remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint. You rest to prepare for the long journey ahead.

3. Art is good for your brain

Pablo Picasso once said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

To be honest, I do not understand how his cubist women can provide him with respite from the daily drudgery of life. But if there is one thing that Picasso is right about, it is the regenerative effects of art. However, the catch is, you have to be the one supplying the creative juices.

German neurologists have recently confirmed that research participants who produced visual art showed greater connectivity in the brain, compared to research participants who just critiqued art. Likewise, another research done by NeuroImage suggests that artists are not just “right-brained thinkers” who are more creative than normal people. Instead, artists have more grey and white matter on both sides of the brain, in areas that process visual perception, spatial navigation and fine motor skills.

To help you capitalise on the many benefits of art, we have suggested some ways for you to start being an art critique, or even better, an artist.

1. Go onto Pinterest or Google to get inspired! You will find lots of amazing and beautiful images from the convenience of your phone that might prompt you to begin working on your very own piece of art.

2. Carousell is a great app if you want to buy cheap art pieces. There is also art commissioning on Carousell at an affordable price which is great for people who want a particular painting/drawing produced but who do not want to sweat even a bit. Etsy is another website where you can get beautiful artworks by relatively less well-known artists at a good price.

3. Start doodling when you feel really sleepy during class time. Compared to actually falling asleep and incurring the wrath of your teacher, doodling is the lesser evil.

4. Buy a colouring book for adults and a set of colour pencils. When stressed/ bored/ simply feeling creative, take out that colouring book and add colours to your life.

Knowing that art can brighten up your life, why live a monochrome life?