Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. But when you're living in a university dorm away from mummy's cooking, coming back after a long day of lectures and CCAs, the last thing you really want to do is to cook instant noodles and feel sad for yourself.  

But thanks to the wonders of technology, and the proliferation of food delivery services in Singapore nowadays, there's no lack of food options just a few button taps away to be delivered right to your doorstep. 

With Deliveroo, Foodpanda, and newcomer UberEATS, which of these serve up the best meals at the best prices and with the best service? We take a look.


Foodpanda was launched in 2012, making this the "pioneer" and longest-running among the three major players. Proving just how much Singaporeans were longing for more than just MacDonald's and Domino's home deliveries, Foodpanda reportedly saw a 400% increase in revenue from 2015-2016 for their independent food delivery service.

With a wide selection of food choices, not just fast food, but affordable Japanese restaurants and Indonesian cuisine, Foodpanda was offering Singaporeans accessible meals that's delivered right to their tables. As of today, Foodpanda has a whopping 450+ restaurant partners under their fold.

Average delivery time: Within 30 minutes

Average delivery fee: $3-$12


Even though their riders are infamous for ignoring road safety rules, since launching in 2015, Deliveroo has been on a growing spree and expanding its operations dramatically. In just four months, their fleet of delivery riders ballooned from 5 to 550. 

Deliveroo’s roster of restaurant partners are carefully curated - from burger chains to top Italian trattoria, their market segment are more expatriates and working professionals. They do not offer “low-quality takeaway restaurants” (as claimed on their website).

Part of their skyrocketing growth can be attributed to their willingness to partner with other expanding startups like Grab to widen their reach in the shortest possible time in the easily saturated Singapore market. 

Average delivery time: Within 32 minutes

Average delivery fee: Flat fee of $3 each order


A relative newcomer with a big name attached to it - UberEATS harnesses the wide reach of its Uber drivers to fulfil delivery orders. This is on top of their additional fleet of dedicated delivery motorcycles. Launched in May last year, they have close to 110 restaurants partnering with them, most of which are at the more expensive end of the market. 

From Michelin-starred restaurants, to gin gardens, to ramen joints, the UberEATS model seem to be clinching the higher end eateries, before focusing on the more accessible fare in time, so as to avoid competition with the other two players.

This is the service to look for if you are planning a special date night in, or pretending to "cook" a birthday brunch. Top quality food delivered right to your doorstep. 

Average delivery time: Within 35 minutes

Average delivery fee: Flat fee of $3 with no minimum order