Admit it. The last time you actually cleaned out your wardrobe was probably during Chinese New Year when your mother insisted on you taking part in some form of spring cleaning.

Well. We're coming to the end of February. How's your wardrobe doing? Almost everyone agrees that wardrobes should cleaned out regularly so get to declutter, as well as prevent yourself from purchasing too many clothes.

As we grow older, our fashion tastes evolve and we get to reevaluate some of our clothing choices. (Camisoles and black bra straps combo, anyone?) If any of these following signs resonate with you, it may be time to start clearing out that wardrobe:

1. Because it's a damn mess

If your wardrobe looks like it was taken straight from the set of a movie about a lazy, spoiled teenager, you probably already know you need to clean it out. If you’re overwhelmed by the mere thought of it, here’s a complete closet organization checklist to kick start that clearing.

2. You've started working

If you're a fresh graduate looking to start your first job soon, you'll know that there's going to be some major clothes buying happening soon. If you're going to be working in an office, there's going to be blazers and buttoned-down shirts, and other office-appropriate attire.

Even if you're going to be working outside of an office environment, there's still a need to evaluate your wardrobe to make sure it’s work-appropriate.

3. You've started working and are constantly running late in the mornings

Use this opportunity to move your work clothes to the easiest-to-reach spots in your wardrobe to be more efficient in the mornings. You can also consider piecing together a work "uniform". Just like how Steve Jobs wears the same outfit of black turtleneck and jeans, you can put together button-down shirt, dress pants, and ballet flats as your go-to outfit. 

Another way to time-save is to choose simple outfits. The ladies may find dresses a lot easier to wear and accessorize, as compared to deciding on separate tops and bottoms.

4. You begin working out regularly 

Your new year's resolution for exercising regularly is going extremely well, and your new activity is requiring new clothes. Whether it's going to the gym or picking up rock-climbing, support your healthy habits by dedicating an entire fitness drawer to gym clothes.

This makes it easier to retrieve and wear your workout gear. Not to mention also easier to store them back after they're washed, instead of tossing them on your chair and watching them pile up over the weeks...

5. You've gotten older (and your clothes haven't)

If you're still wearing the same clothes you wore 5 or 10 years ago, congratulations, it obviously shows you have not gain an ounce of weight over the years. But it's also long past the time for a good clothing overhaul. This is especially important if you're not even wearing those old clothes, but they are still tucked somewhere in your wardrobe taking up space and growing moldy. 

6. You need some cash

Is your wardrobe stuffed with clothes you've only worn once and then regretted buying? Or clothes that you've grown out for both physically as well as emotionally? Grab a few friends and rent a table at the next flea, or post them all up on Carousell to see how much your clutter is worth to someone else. Selling your used clothes is a great way to declutter your wardrobe, as well as earn some extra lunch money. 

7. You're feeling down

If you’re feeling sad or stressed, studies have shown that a good bout of cleaning can help to reduce levels of diurnal cortisol, a measure of stress. So the next time you're feeling blue, blast some music on Spotify and give that wardrobe a good tackle. Watching that mess turn into orderliness may just work wonders for your mood.