Today, I have compiled a list of the best advice that my best friend has to offer me. Who is my best friend, you ask? Well, the answer is clear cut – Google!

Why are you surprised? Who can dish out so many memes to make me ROFL (roll on floor laughing, FYI)? Who has an answer to everything and is not annoyed by my inquisitive nature (why do my feet stink?)? And, most importantly, who is always by my side and is at my beck and call? Google!

My connection with Google will never fail (provided there is Wi-fi, of course). And today, out of the googol inspirational quotes that it has offered me, I have cherry picked a few for different occasions and seasons in life. Enjoy!

Be positive

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 8.51.29 PM.png

Look for something positive in each day,

even if some days you have to look a little harder.

That’s right! Some days, life just doesn’t seem worth living. But if you learn to appreciate the little things in life; if you learn to savour that plate of tasty chicken rice; if you learn to beam at the bus driver who stopped for you after you ran 10 metres for the bus; if you learn to close your eyes and feel the gentle breeze dancing across your face, you will realise life is beautiful.


Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it

Be brave

F.E.A.R. has two meanings

Forget everything and run


Face everything and rise

Will you hide from reality like an ostrich or soar like an eagle above the storm?

Ships are safest in harbour,

but that is not what they are meant for

Aim high

Shoot for the moon,

even if you miss,

you will land among the stars

Never settle for anything less than you deserve. Demand the best. Accept nothing less.

Work hard

If you want your dreams to come true,

you have to wake up first

Precisely, you can’t just sit there playing L4D all day long and wishfully think that you will get straight As.

It is not your aptitude,

but your attitude,

that determines your altitude

So for those who keep telling yourselves that “I am not good enough, I will never succeed, I am just born stupid”, stop giving yourselves excuses! Instead of moping, work hard and see your life turn around.

Do right

Always speak the truth,

even if your voice shakes 

Sometimes you face difficulties not because you are doing something wrong,

but because you are doing something right.

History is full of good people who had to endure opposition for their beliefs. Galileo Galilei was placed under house arrest for 8 years for holding onto the belief that the Earth revolved around the sun. He was eventually proven right. Adnan Saidi was bayonetted to death for refusing to surrender to the Japanese at Bukit Chandu. He is now memorialised as our World War II hero.

We probably will never have to choose between life and truth. But conviction is a beautiful thing. As Elizabeth Elliot, a famous motivational speaker once said,

There is nothing worth living for,

unless there is something worth dying for

Love yourself

If you want to Soar in life,

you must F.L.Y (first love yourself)

But how can I love myself when I am so flawed?

No one is perfect. But everyone is precious. You are precious not because you are smart, or good looking, or funny. You are precious for simply existing. You are valuable simply because you are human. Look beyond your flaws! Look past your mistakes! Look deep within you and you will see that what’s inside you – your capacity to think and love, and your desire to lead a fulfilling life—is more beautiful than anything else in the world. That is when you will find that you (in fact, everyone) is lovable.

To all the girls out there, if you have ever felt insecure about your looks, remember that beauty comes in many forms. If your exterior appearance isn’t that striking, then let your character be the first thing people see. When you clothe yourself with strength and dignity, and adorn yourself with smiles and kind deeds, your beauty can’t be masked.

Exterior beauty,

without the depth of a kind soul,

is merely decoration

Live life (to the fullest)

The last one is to sum everything up

Life is like a camera

You focus on what’s important

Capture the good times

Develop from the negative

And if things don’t work out,

Take another shot