Thanks to the wonders of technology, student life is much easier. Can you imagine back in the days when your parents had no Google to get immediate answers, but had to rely on library books to discover new knowledge? Today, there are hundreds of apps that not only help you to cope with everyday tasks, but teaches you too. Here are some of our picks that are completely free. Now you have more excuses to be on your phone while studying: 


This app is basically a set of flashcards which can be used to memorise virtually anything. You can choose from topics already in the app, or make your own decks. The cool thing is, it learns from you as you progress through a deck and shuffles the information around to help you memorise more effectively. You can also share decks with your classmates (unless you are super competitive and want to keep them to yourself, of course.)

iTunes U

Created by Apple, this app started out as a way for teachers to distribute their lectures and homework online, but grew into a place to get free access to lessons from some of the best schools in the world. From Statistics 101 from Harvard University, to Stanford's course on how to code your own app, there is something new to learn every day. 

Easy Study

If you're the type who sits down to study, but no idea where and how to start studying, this app is for you. Just put in all the subjects you want to study for, how long you want to study for, and this app will churn out a study timetable for you. Just stick to its suggested hours and you may find yourself optimising your time in a really efficient way. 


Visual learners, rejoice! This app has numerous features that are a great help when you are revising your notes. You can create flashcards, quizzes, as well as a study planner to track how much you're learning. But what makes this app unique is that you can create a mind map to guide you in visualising how things are connected. By seeing how information is broken down from a main subject into smaller topics, it can help with both memorisation and understanding.

Dragon Dictation

Do you have a stack of study notes that you need to type up, but your hands feel like they are going to fall off due to the sheer amount of writing you have been doing? Try a dictation app! With this, you just speak into your phone, it converts it into text, and you can copy/paste it into a word document to save. 

Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer

Most people are only reading at 1/3 of their potential speed and produtivity. When you have a ton of textbooks to read while studying, being a speed-reader would really come in handy. Well, this app will help you train your brain to become a super-fast reader so you don't continue to plod through all those texts and waste valuable time.