As a student, you are probably most concerned about your grades. You would be happy to hear that keeping abreast with such news can have a positive impact on you in this regard

So what if there is a war raging in the Middle East? So what if Donald Trump becomes the next United States President? What has all these current affairs got to do with you, a person living on a tiny red dot? The seemingly distant news may hit closer to home than you think.

What is current affairs?

Current affairs are events of social and political interest and of significant importance that is happening around the world at present time. 

Some current affairs now (as of time of writing) include:

1.    The Syrian War

Hordes of people residing in Syria have been forced to flee their homes due to the civil war that is happening within their own country. The highly complicated intricacies of the events leading up to the civil war can be found here:

Weighing their costs and benefits, many chose the highly exhausting and obstacle-laden path towards Europe, hoping to seek asylum there. 

2.    Donald Trump as President

Donald Trump is an American businessman, television personality and most recently, politician. Known for his highly insensitive and radical comments, Donald Trump is now the republican nominee who is in the running for the next presidential election in the United States that is happening on 8 November this year (2016). Probably best known for his anti-foreigner policies on immigrants and Muslims, Donald Trump may very well become the next United States President, if he wins the election, up against the democrat nominee, Hilary Clinton. 


Knowing such news can benefit you in many ways.


It is almost definite that these current affairs can affect you monetarily. The seemingly distant affairs can have ripple effects on not only your job, but also on your investment opportunities. Such news can affect the economy on such an impactful scale, with the first stage on the money market. This can in turn affect the availability of jobs in the market. Keeping in the know of the current affairs can also help you to identify pockets of opportunities for investment, eventually earning you more money. 


As a student, you are probably most concerned about your grades. You would be happy to hear that keeping abreast with such news can have a positive impact on you in this regard. The one subject where current affairs can play the most part in is English Language or General Paper. That is arguably the most important subject out of all. Reading up on current affairs can help you in terms of vocabulary and understanding of sentence formation. This is on top of keeping abreast of news around the world, something that is extremely important in your General Paper in terms of finding examples to substantiate your points. The analytical skills you can gain from reading these news can also help you in your Economics. The many news articles that you will read will provide you with many aspects of a certain situation and how it affects the world economy as a whole.  

Where to start

The easiest way to start is of course, newspapers. Readily available, newspapers like ‘The Straits Times’, provide plenty of easy to read and understand articles. The best thing about newspapers is that it is affordable and that you can share it with your parents, siblings and friends- talk about being economical! If you are perhaps tight on your wallet, you can head to your school library and browse the newspapers in the comfort of air conditioning.  If you are an adult, you can also look towards online sources like BBC or Aljazeera. Just spend a few minutes of your commute to work to keep abreast of these news, and you may just have something to add on your next kopi talk with your lunch kakis! :D