Along with the new PSLE scoring system to be implemented in 2021, the MOE also announced some changes to the Secondary One school admissions. Here are 2 main points you should take note of: 

1. Order of school choices to matter more

The Secondary One Posting will continue to be based on a student's PSLE scores, but choice order of schools will now matter more. Every Primary 6 student will submit a list of 6 schools, and will have to rank these choices in order of their preference.

If two students with the same PSLE score have chosen the same school and there is only one available admission slot left, the following tie-breakers will be used:

a) Priority given to Singapore Citizens, followed by Singapore Permanent Residents, then International Students

b) Priority given to the student who has indicated the school as a higher choice in their order of preference

c) Computerised balloting

2. There may be more balloting under the new system

Under the current PSLE system, the T-score differentiates students finely and only a small number of students undergo tie-breaking. Under the new system which uses wider scoring bands, there will be more students with the same PSLE Score and this may result in more tie-breaking; especially if these students choose the same schools.

Students will first be tie-broken based on citizenship, followed by the new choice order of schools. A computerised ballot will be used as a tie-breaker if there are two pupils with the same PSLE score and citizenship status, vying for a place in a school which they have both listed in the same choice order.

Balloting is computerised and conducted centrally by MOE HQ, similar to the balloting process during the JAE for admission to Junior Colleges/Centralised Institute, Polytechnics and ITE.