Have you ever planned an outing with your classmate, only to be at a loss for what to do? In the end, did you resort to the same old activity of watching a movie and eating at Macs after that?

Most overrated (but most common) bonding activity

What bonding can take place when you do not even make eye contact with your bunch of friends?

You pay $7.50 for 2 hours of entertainment. But you forget that the whole point of going out with your friends is to bond with them. What bonding can take place when you do not even make eye contact with your bunch of friends?

And if your friends are not the most vocal bunch, the after-movie-conversation will probably go something like this…

“That was so good! That scene where you realise everything is fake is mind-blowing!”

“Hmm, yeah, haha”

“I totally did not see the ending twist coming”

“Oh really?”


“…… Let’s go to Macs, I am hungry”

If you want something more non-routine and which can facilitate bonding the next time you go out, read on.

Teo Heng (karaoke)

This activity has multiple purposes. First, to find out what songs your friends listen to. Second, to secretly (or openly) judge them for their musical tastes. Third, to get supporters before you become the next Singapore Idol. Fourth, to see whether your friend will be your competitor on the next Singapore Idol show. And fifth, to all join in singing Kit Chan’s Home (or am I the only patriotic one here?)


Teo Heng is very affordable if you go during the non- peak hours. If you go with 5 other friends, it will cost less than $4 for 3 hours of singing.

Food outing

Singaporeans all love to eat. But Singaporeans also do not want to grow fat. The only solution to this conundrum is to burn off all the calories you ingest. And what better way to do this than to travel island-wide in search of good food?


Craving good murtabak? Go to Zam Zam.

Want to sink your teeth into tender chicken flesh? Michelin recommends Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken rice.

Going to Chomp Chomp for Fried Hokkien mee? I approve.

Make good use of your student pass. Public transport will never be so cheap again.

Go window shopping


If there is one thing that Singaporean girls like even more than eating, it is shopping. Especially during GSS. But you probably do not have a high purchasing power seeing that you are still students. The solution to this is to window shop. Grab a few girl-friends, wear comfortable shoes and prepare to lose yourself at the shopping mall for one day. Try on clothes at H and M. Admire the oh-so-pretty shoes at Calvin Klein. Pretend you are some rich Tai Tai by walking around in Chanel. When you go window shopping, the possibilities are endless.

Caution: This activity might cost anything from $0 to $100.

If you ever find yourself reaching into your bag to take out your wallet, ask your friends to slap some sense into you. You are there to window shop. Not actually buy stuff. So please resist any temptation to spend. Or you will be the one slapping yourself the next day for using up this month’s allowance.

Go and catch ‘em all

I declare Singapore officially crazy about Pokémon Go. Everywhere you go, you see Poke-maniacs staring and swiping at their phones. But this craze will probably die down in a few months’ time. Now is the only chance for you to be geeky and still look normal.  So jump onto the bandwagon and plan your Pokémon-themed outing while you still can.

So here you have it, 4 cheap and fun activities that you can bond over with your friends. Have fun!