Unsurprisingly, your study environment plays a huge role in your productivity levels. Here are 6 essentials you should take note of when choosing a place to study:

1.     Distractions

One of the most important essentials for the best study environment is the lack of distractions! All of us have experienced this common scenario at least once- You give yourself a break from your examination revision for about 10minutes to use your phone but before you know it, half an hour has passed and your study plan for the day has to be changed accordingly. If your phone or laptop or even your pencil holder on your study desk distracts you, it is crucial to place them in a place where you are not tempted to pick it up easily as you study. This will not only increase your productivity, but also will improve your stress levels.

2.     Comfort Level

There is a need to find a balance in your comfort level in the place that you study. Study on your bed and you will find that you will take many unplanned naps. The converse is true too- sitting on an uncomfortable hard and straight-back chair will make you fidgety and ruin your focus on your work. Find a space that will help you strike that balance in your comfort level.

3.     Noise Level

This definitely varies from person to person. Some people require peace and quiet to think when they study, whereas others can take some light background noise such as music or being in a café. It is best if you are able to find out what kind of noise level you are able to tolerate while still being able to focus on your study and tailor it to your needs. You can do this through trial and error- find different study spaces with varying levels of noise and see if they work for you- but of course, do this way before your examination revision period!

4.     Food and Drinks

Previous blog articles here have talked about the kinds of food and drinks you should eat to get your brain moving. Be sure to have easy access to those in your study environment. These will provide you energy and sustenance, ensuring that your stomach does not go hungry in the midst of your revision. Of course, be sure to not over consume them as it could lead to adverse impacts than intended.

5.     Lighting

Adequate and appropriate lighting is essential to successful studying

Lighting also plays an important role in your chosen study environment- too dim and you feel a wave of exhaustion falling over you but too bright and you will be squinting and getting a headache. Adequate and appropriate lighting is essential to successful studying. However, as it is difficult to find the best lighting level, it is best if you are able to find a place that allows you the flexibility of lighting depending on the time of the day.

6.     Temperature Level

A well respected study by Cornell University put the optimal temperature of a room to be 25 degree celsius

Lucky for all of us, air-conditioning is available everywhere in hot and humid Singapore. A well respected study by Cornell University put the optimal temperature of a room to be 25 degree celsius. The study showed that at this temperature, the productivity levels of workers in the room was at its peak. Having a warmer or colder temperature acted as a distraction to the workers and thus productivity plummeted. Use this information to your advantage and find a space that is neither too warm or too cold. If you are worried about the cost of air-conditioning at home, you can always head out to your school library or even public ones!

Pay attention to these details when looking for a place to study to maximize your productivity. Do start early to finding your best noise, comfort and lighting levels though, for you will not want to be bogged down by it when the crucial revision period comes!