YouTube channels seem to be the new teachers. Whether learning to play the guitar, picking up yarn spinning, or parkour -- it's becoming one of the top source for self-learning over the years.

It's hard to believe that the website was once considered a platform merely for entertainment and funny cat videos. Today, it's playing a huge role as an online learning portal.

Today, we've selected 5 YouTube channels that can help you pick up basic robot programming and engineering: 

1. Robot Programming: Let's Learn Python

The learning curve of picking up programming skills differs from person to person. However, here are some YouTube channels that can help you get started on the fundamentals in robots programming.

Firstly, you need to pick up basic knowledge in Python. Python is a widely used programming language for general-purpose programming, and it's what most of the subsequent tutorials will expect you to already know as they dive into how to program robots. 

Let's Learn Python is a great place to start if you're a total beginner in Python scripting/programming. The instructor walks you through a bit of programming theory, followed by some of the basics for variable creation and math functions used in Python. 

2. Robot Programming: Raspberry Pi Robotics Series

After you have a basic understanding of Python, this YouTube channel can help you delve deeper into programming using Python specifically for robotics. As it's geared towards those who have no prior knowledge of programming whatsoever, it introduces basic logic behind programming in a step-by-step manner and follow through with teaching you how you can use it to build a robot.

But what I found cool about Raspberry Pi is that it also discusses how programming can be connected to actual electronic components. By the end of the series, you may be able to create your own password-enabled door, and of course, your very own simple robot.

3. Robot Engineering: Introduction to Robotics and Electronics

Once you feel yourself savvy enough in robotic programming, it makes sense to learn more about the physical side of robotics, such dealing with the electronics and engineering of a working robot. 

Introduction to Robotics and Electronics is a 19-videos long playlist that aims to introduce people to robotics and electronics. The instructor, Bucky Roberts, gives great information on basic robot engineering skills such as testing voltages, building a circuit, resistors, batteries, and other technical terms that you will need when building a robot.

4. Robot Engineering: Botyard

Once you've picked up the fundamentals of electronics and want to just jump right into building a robot, then Botyard’s 5-part video series is perfect for you.

The most interesting thing about Botyard is that it's dedicated to showing you how to create an actual robot. A lot less talking about theory, and straight jumping into using recycled items like flashlights, LED lights, servos, and other easy-to-find items to build your very own R2-D2! 

5. Robot Engineering: Introduction to Robotics by Stanford

If the previous channels are considered chicken feet to you, perhaps this series of lectures on Robotics by a Stanford university professor might be more up your alley.

Advanced concepts like trajectory generation, motion planning, inverse and forward kinematics, and force and position control will be discussed. By showcasing a more traditional, theoretical approach to learning robotics, these video tutorials are particularly useful if you want to build more advanced-level robots or even consider going into the industry as a future career path.