Nowadays, it is practically impossible to remain focused while studying. Whether it is texting or flipping through your Spotify playlist to select that perfect studying song, you usually only last 15 minutes before being distracted. If you have a computer screen in front of you, one of the biggest distractions is YouTube. 

You start off with watching one video, and the next thing you know, you've gone down the rabbit hole of funny cat videos and an hour has flown by.  If you're going to be spending time on YouTube, why not benefit your mind by learning new things with these educational channels:

1. VSauce

Started in 2010, VSauce is a popular science channel that has gained more than a million followers. Creator and host Michael Stevens take rhetorical questions such as "Will we ever run out of new music?" or "What if everyone on earth jumped at once?" and answers them in humor and thought-provoking detail.

2. MinutePhysics 

MinutePhysics makes use of adorable animated drawings to explain scientific theories such as the laws of gravity and Schodinger's Cat.

3. Smarter Every Day

Created and hosted by a real-life rocket scientist, Destin. His goal is to help viewers grow smarter every day. Combining solid video editing work with wide-eyed enthusiasm, Destin takes on the mysteries of the physical world around us. The video below garnered 14 million views.

4. Crash Course

If you love pop culture and movie references, you'll love Crash Course's videos. With whip-smart humor and witty commentary, the videos move at breakneck speed to help you through a range of subjects from economics to politics.

5. Numberphile

Featuring a series of eye-opening maths videos from Pi to Prime Numbers, watching Numberphile might just make understanding equations a little easier, and the subject a whole less scary.