Often short on time, sleep, and money, students need all the help they can get! Thankfully, there's no shortage of free online tools designed to help manage everyday life, learn new skills, and even to study better for exams.

By taking advantage of these resources to improve and streamline your workflow, you'll get more done at the price of absolutely free. Here are 5 websites dedicated to being your new best study-buddy.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Everything is going mobile these days, why shouldn't your study notes? Google's suite of office software is exactly like Microsoft Office, except completely cloud-based, so you can create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations anywhere you are from your laptop or phone. Our favourite thing about the Google apps is if you are working on a group project, you can create a document, share it with your group mates, and everyone can collaborate by editing the document in real time. (It's kind of magic when you see words appearing out of nowhere as your group mate is typing his/her part)


Visual learners, rejoice! This site has numerous features that are a great help when you are revising your notes. You can create flashcards, quizzes, as well as a study planner to track how much you're learning. But what makes this site unique are the mind maps. You can create a map to guide you in visualising how things are connected. By seeing how information is broken down from a main subject into smaller topics, it can help with both memorization and understanding. 


Did you know your computer screen is designed to look like the sun? So during the day, looking at it is fine.  But, at 9pm or 1am, you probably should not be looking at the sun. This app helps makes the colour of your computer's display look like the room you're in at any time. When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again. This helps preserve your eyesight from straining when you are studying, as well as help you sleep better.


For daily reminders and class timetables, your sticky notes are up to the task... until they lose their stickiness or you start to have so many of them you have no clue what each one is for. Evernote helps to store all your notes, research, and thoughts together in one place. One of my personal favourite tools, if you struggle with organization, this site can help! Evernote can be used in many ways: as a dumping ground for stray thoughts, a daily journal, keeping research notes in order, organizing presentation notes, for in-class note taking, the opportunities are endless. Simply create a note, and after you've typed, drawn, or added a photo to it, you can add tags to the note that are relevant such as 'Science Project' or 'To Memorize'.  The best part is it can sync across computers and phones.

Marinara Timer

Inspired by the Pomodoro method of productivity — work for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break, the Marinara Timer is dedicated to helping you increase productivity levels. Whatsapp, YouTube, and even snack breaks prevent us from focusing on our task. By trying out the Pomodoro method, you might just reduce distractions and become more efficient. Just click on the 'Start' button and let the timer sound to remind you when you can take your 5 minute break and when to go back to studying again. Bonus: This time comes with entertaining alarm sounds like “alien bot ordering lunch”