We're counting down to exactly one more month to Christmas! Even though it's been said that it's the thought that counts when you give gifts, sometimes you wonder what kind of thoughts are really going through your friends' heads when they are unwrapping your gift to them.

Here are 4 Christmas gift ideas that are original, tasteful AND you can make on your own for cheap. Even for those of you whose artistic talents are as minimal as a 3-year-old. 

Personalised Edibles

Chances are that over the past few Christmases, you've amassed quite a few pens, mugs and photo frames as gifts that end up lying around gathering dust. Or more likely, that you've re-gifted to someone else.

However, that doesn't happen to food! Food always gets consumed. If I get chocolates or a bag of cookies for Christmas, I'm eating that the very next day! 

Your gifts of brownies or cupcakes with individual icing names on the top may not be as hip as some personalised iPhone cover. But at least you know they'll be appreciated. For the baking-challenged, you can get some glass jars and wooden spoons from Daiso, some instant cake mix from the supermarket, and create some personalised cake-in-a-jar. 


We've all walked past Yankee Candle at some point when in Orchard Road, and those amazing scented candles can conjure up images from freshly baked cookies to balmy ocean breeze. Instead of spending $20-$40 on one, how about trying a hand at making some.  

Candles, even scented ones, are some of the easiest things to make at home. You just need to buy a big chunk of wax and some wicks (Daiso is your best friend for these types of miscellaneous items), your preferred scents in the form of essential oils, and small glass containers to pour the wax into. 

The best thing about making candles is that you can just melt a huge chunk of wax and then pour them into many containers at once. You could probably make 100 candles in one day if you like. Here’s how to do it.

Handwritten Notes

There's nothing more over-rated than spending a ridiculous amount of money in the name of Christmas. This idea may take up a bit of your time, but it cost practically nothing. Better yet, it could be one of the more heartfelt presents you can give to your loved ones. 

Get any glass jar with a lid (Daiso sells mason jars too!), and slowly fill them with coloured paper that each contain a happy, little message. Start writing down notes - literally, lots of notes - about what you like about the person receiving this jar, and why you appreciate him/her. It could be short notes remembering funny things you both experienced together, or even inspirational quotes you can find off Google. It's going to be super heartwarming to know that person will be appreciating you when each note is unfolded and read, perhaps with a tear or two in their eyes too.


With the sheer humidity in Singapore, taking 2-3 showers a day is considered normal. A wonderfully scented bar of soap is another practical gift that people will actually use instead of chucking into the storeroom. Soap is easy to make, and again, this is something you can create in batches.

Here's how to make quick and cool latte-scented soap for the Starbucks addicts in your social circle.