Yes yes, we know that while some of your friends were backpacking across Europe during their school holidays, you were interning your heart out at KPMG in your brand new G2000 blazer. Life isn't fair. But you can be sure that the skills you learnt during this time will benefit you for years to come (especially when you finally embark on your own whirlwind Europe tour)

So now that your internship is drawing to a close, how do you set yourself apart and be remembered for all the right reasons? After all, interns are a dime a dozen. Here are 3 things you must do on the final day on your internship.

Pen a thank you note to your bosses and mentors. 

You read that right. Write, not email. It's basic courtesy to send your bosses, liaison officer and work mentors a thank you note when you leave (even if all you did was photocopy stuff and do Starbucks runs). By making the extra effort to physically write those notes, it serves as a little reminder that hey, you exist; and you were grateful for the time spent in the company.

While you might think you're helping the company tons with your extra pair of arms in return for a pittance, in most situations, the company has put in a lot of effort in coaching an otherwise clueless intern too. 

Exchange contact details with your colleagues.

And of course, make sure that it's with the ones you got along well with. It could be that business analyst you had countless stimulating conversations with by the photocopier, or those employees in the Finance department that you hit it off with during the company's annual D&D.

Take the time to pop by to say goodbye (preferably with some chocolates too) and exchange numbers/emails/Facebook friend requests. These are all valuable contacts that you should take with you when you leave. Every once in a while, make the effort to keep in touch. A simple "Merry Christmas" greeting, or "Let's catch up for coffee" will help in preventing you from being forgotten along with all the other interns. 

Update your resume

All the valuable skills you may have picked up during your internship is enough to serve you well into the rest of your life. While your brain is still fresh with information, and you've yet to return to reality (believe me, classes, exams, partying, is going to make you forget...) update your resume right away.

Even if there isn't an urgent need to send out your resume, you'll be able to remember all the details of the projects you have helped with, as well as the exact figures of those projects -- the sales quota your team managed to hit, the number of impressions on the article you wrote, etc. These fodder for your resume makes for more convincing details if you do it right away after your last day.