Cleanliness is next to godliness. My interpretation of that used to mean that keeping your room clean is just as boring and un-fun as being a "holy holy" goody-two-shoes.

Over the years, however, I discovered that some food items double as both snacks as well as cleaning hacks to help keep things neat in my room without breaking a sweat, the bank, and my social life on the weekends too. 

Here are 6 food items to help in sorting out your room's mess (that you can easily find in the kitchen now).

1. Get rid of funky smells from your shoes and shoe cabinet with an onion

No mums had ever walked into their child's room and announce, "This place smells like crap, but I love how clean it is!"

Before you set out to tackle the mess, you need to first get rid of any odors. Your nose, personal hygiene, and anyone that has to live under the same roof as you on a daily basis will thank you.

As bizarre and counter-intuitive as it may sound since onions themselves are considered smelly food, they can actually help clear up bad odors by absorbing them. Just cut an onion in half and leave it in your shoe cabinet overnight. When the onion smell fades the following morning, so will all the other bad smells. 

2. Make your room smell super nice by dabbing baking extract on a light bulb

Scented candles are all the rage now in Singapore. The problem is that they create smoke, are a fire hazard if left unattended, and can be expensive as hell. 

One brilliant hack I discovered thanks to the World Wide Web is to dab a few drops of sweet-smelling baking extract like vanilla or cinnamon on the light bulb in my room. Do this when the light bulb is cold so you won't burn your finger, and when you switch the light on, the heat from the bulb will cause the extract to emit a scent to fill your entire room. 

If you don't want to use baking extract, this trick also works with your favourite perfume, cologne or your choice of essential oils too. 

3. Use alcohol to shine windows and wooden surfaces

Guess alcohol isn't just for getting yourself smashed, it's great for cleaning too. Add some cheap vodka into a spray bottle, spritz your windows and mirrors and wipe with a polishing cloth to make it shine. The alcohol properties acts against the glass surface to disinfect and prevent it from getting easily smudged or stained in future.

Similarly, add some beer into a spray bottle and squirt some against any wooden surface, before rubbing with a polishing cloth. The beer removes any dullness from over the years and adds a nice, shiny coat to your scruffy desk or ancient Ikea wardrobe. 

4. Use mayonnaise to polish your piano

This sounds absolutely crazy, but it's true. The first time I read this over the internet, my face was all like: 

I laughed for a good 20 seconds before I decided it's too good not to try it out. Plus, it doubles as a great story to share as Facebook content. (also, putting a look of horror on my mum's face added to the laughter)

Turns out the mayonnaise polishes the ivories of the piano keys way better than my previous expensive piano cleaner! The creaminess of the lather also prevented me from scuffing the keys while I was polishing them. I used to hate accidentally leaving tiny scratches all over my piano while cleaning it previously. 

And no, I know what you're thinking, but there was surprisingly no weird smell post-cleaning. So, for those of you who are struggling through piano lessons, this is a great way to enact some revenge on the piano for all the hours of practising you had to endure - by smearing it with some mayonnaise while still getting some shine out of it. 

5. Use baking soda to clean and shine jewellery

Especially in heat-drenched Singapore, the build-up of perspiration and humidity can dull your jewellery. Here's a simple hack to clean your necklaces, rings, and other 'bling-blings' without the need for any harsh chemicals.

Mix 2 tablespoonful of baking soda with one cup of hot water and let your jewellery sit in the solution for 10-15 minutes. Remove them and rinse, and slowly polish with a clean soft fibre cloth (a spectacle cloth is perfect) until they look brand new. 

6. Prevent your brightly coloured clothes from fading with black pepper

After constant wearing and never-ending trips to the washing machine, your favorite Cookie Monster t-shirt has gone from electric blue to a dulled out version of itself. We know you'll probably keep wearing it anyway (It’s a classic!), but did you know there's a super simple hack to keep those bright colours from succumbing to their faded fate?

You could pump the washing machine full of chemicals found in commercial detergents which also cost a ridiculous $9 and above, or you could Instead try shaking 1-2 teaspoonfuls of black pepper into your coloured laundry load.

Don’t worry about flakes of pepper dotting your clothes like black dandruff, the pepper will all wash out during the rinse cycle, preserving your colours for yet another trip to the rave.